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Despite these clarifications, many continue to find the word gay too scandalous. Why? Decades ago, gay was used to infer group sex parties where all of the attendees had AIDS, were addicted to drugs, and wanted nothing to do with God. While most Americans today use gay as a mere recognition of same-sex attractions (and nothing more), that word retains a powerful and problematic cultural meaning for older Christians that leads them to falsely assume sexual immorality. Yet I beg these Christians to consider bearing the burden of using gay differently than it once meant, for the sake of children and teens in our churches.

juicy teens gay


Unfortunately, studies show that gay teens today are at great risk. Gay teens are 5 times more likely to attempt suicide than their peers and religious LGBT+ youth are 38% more likely to be suicidal than their non-religious LGBT+ peers. We cannot undo the harm to gay people in the past, but we can prevent future loss of faith and life in gay teens by adopting more effective strategies, including using language that is most likely to reach the kids in our church pews.

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