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English World 6. Grammar Practice Book

These three courses combine advanced work in Russian grammar, language practice (speaking and writing), and phonetics. Students who register at this level will have completed at least 6 credits beyond Russian 205 and/or 206 and may already have studied in Russia.

English World 6. Grammar Practice Book

These courses are for students who have just recently begun their study of the Russian language, having completed or tested beyond elementary Russian 102. At this level students work on a combination of grammar, conversation practice, reading, and phonetics.

The courses at the first and second year levels provide the opportunity to establish a sound foundation in oral and written French. The study of grammar at these levels is reinforced by practice in the language laboratory or tutorial groups. Several of the courses at the 3000 and 4000 levels are specifically intended to refine the students' command of spoken and written French, while the other courses deal with the various areas of French and French-Canadian literatures and cultures as well as the theories of literary criticism. A series of prizes are awarded each year to students who distinguish themselves in French Studies. 041b061a72

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