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Without treatment, major depression can last for weeks, months, or even years. It can cause relationship and social problems. Depression is also linked to a higher risk for suicide. This risk rises when the depressed teen has other mental health problems. These include conduct disorder and substance abuse. This is especially true for teen boys.

Call or text 988 if your teen has thoughts of harming themselves or others and has a plan to do so. When you call or text 988, you will be connected to trained crisis counselors at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. An online chat option is also available at You can call Lifeline too at 800-273-TALK (800-273-8255). Lifeline is free and available 24/7.

A non-profit organisation, active in the UK. They offer information on various forms of online abuse (revenge porn, dating stalking, cyberstalking in general, trolling), practical tips for securing online accounts, legal news on the front of behavioural online abuse as well as links to other support organisations, including live helplines. They also conduct training sessions in partnership with the UK-endorsed National Cyberskills Centre.

Online advocacy looking at the bigger picture of modern day technology conflicts. They also have a freedom-of-expression angle on their approach, while it is noteworthy that this initiative is led by females with a collective background on gender activism, female empowerment, documentary filmmaking, internet governance and cybersecurity. Another unique characteristic is that their work is presented via blog style posts. Example posts include topics of gender related censorship, free speech, hate speech, online gendered abuse, misogyny, etc.

New initiative supported by Galop, leading UK charity against violence and abuse. They work on abuse based on: gender, race, sexual orientation and religion and appear to focus a lot on female or LGBT victims of online abuse, which includes but is not limited to online harassment, stalking revenge porn, or blackmail. They offer a comprehensive resource list, information centre and advice. They present case studies of abuse and the results of their reports. This initiative is backed by seven voluntary organisations in the UK (Womens' Resource Centre, Galop, Transmedia Watch, Rights of Women, Allsorts and Gires - Gender Identity Research and Education Society).

Large scale volunteer-run anti-cyberbullying initiative that raises awareness, and offers victim support, training and toolkits. They are one of the oldest online safety and support groups in the world. They have been active since 1995 and their work on website rating has evolved into an extensive information centre addressing privacy and security issues, as well as an education resource for cyberspace users of all ages. They work with multiple end-users (parents, law enforcement, industry, schools, victims, policy makers) and offer a wide range of advice on a proactive level. Their activity is channeled through specialised abuse initiatives such as stopcyberbullying, tweenangels and teenangels, run by volunteers of all ages. 041b061a72

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