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A Guide To Deduction Pdf

Announcement: This guide was revised on March 1, 2021. It includes changes regarding the processing of applications and the documents required from sponsors which are effective immediately.

A Guide To Deduction Pdf

Be sure to read this guide in its entirety. It contains information about the process, links to application forms and instructions for completing and submitting your application. The appendix incudes the financial guidelines, information on how to add family members to your application and a list of acronyms used throughout the guide.

If you are able to secure accommodation at no cost, the person providing the accommodation must be included as a sponsor in your sponsorship undertaking. Donated housing can only be included as an in-kind donation from a donor who is party to the sponsorship. This is because there is no obligation for a third-party to provide the accommodation if they are not signatories to the undertaking. In-kind deductions for accommodation make up a significant proportion of the entire sponsorship cost and it is essential that there be some assurance that it will be provided when the refugee arrives.

A settlement plan may still explain that a person who is not signatory to the sponsorship undertaking will provide accommodation, however this cannot be included as in-kind deductions and you will still need to demonstrate that you have the funds to provide housing in case the third-party housing is not available.

Any deductions to be made to the level of income support provided post-arrival (for example, to account for employment earnings or personal assets) must be in line with the program requirements as set out in FAQs on Post-Arrival Financial Support for the PSR Program (PDF, 0.40 MB).

Financial support includes the one-time start-up cost, to help establish the refugee, and the monthly income support which is at least the equivalent amount to the prevailing rate that is provided by the Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) in your province (adjusted by any eligible in-kind deductions).

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