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Mainkraft Mod Forestry Skachat

Forestry adds to the game a new energy system (bioenergy) to operate different types of machines, with which we can create automatic systems designed to automate various agricultural processes, and even to grow trees, which have an important role in this mod. Hence its name, forestry, in Spanish.

mainkraft mod forestry skachat


To be honest I do believe that You can play only forestry and be happy with it. Forestry do also provide own buildcraft engine, so there is no problem in powering your machines. If you have installed also railcraft or thermal expansion or Mekanism or Power Converters or similiar BC compatible mod, you can freely skip buildcraft.

To be able to install the forestry mod on your device, first choose to install Minecraft Forge. Next, just access the forestry mod to download. Then create a new folder to contain the mod. So you can play the game with this new version. 041b061a72

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